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Biltcliffe.co.uk - Genealogy of the Biltcliffe and Related Names


Welcome to Biltcliffe.co.uk. The site was started back in 2002 to publish the research that had been done into the Biltcliffe name related to our family. Over time the site has grown as more people have been added to the family and the level of detail on the people has increased.

In the mean time we became aware that another part of the family tree - the Brearleys - crossed over closely with the Biltcliffe family, with similar names in the same location and time period appearing in both. While no actual link has been found between the two parts of the family it has provided the motivation to broaden the research into other parts of the family, with one of the aims being to see if we can find that link.

As a result of all of this, the site is now covering much more that just the core Biltcliffe family. There is the research in the Biltcliffe family carried out by Tom Biltcliffe and concentrated on West Yorkshire. The Brearley family tree, along with the other related surnames has been carried out by a combination of individuals across the family. However all the research is presented here to help others who are investigating their family tree to find their ancestors.

Happy hunting!


More information about the site


September 2020 update Brearley and Daniel Trees

1st October 2020

September was a quieter month in terms of updates due to other demands on time, however that doesn't mean that nothing happened. The main Brearley family has continued to grow with more people added and richer data for a number of existing ones. On the Daniel family we've merged in the data we had for the Dickinson family as these are another spur off that family.


August 2020 update Brearley and Daniel Trees

1st September 2020

August has been another busy month with various bits and pieces going on. These include the ongoing work on the Brearley Main Family tree - the detour into the Utterly's was completed and back into the main Brearley family. Also we realised that there was more information on the Daniel family that hadn't been uploaded to the site, so that is now in place. Finally a few back end code changes to that an indiviuals occupations are now imported correctly. Currently the only place this is visible is on the stats pages, but at some point I want to add these so that they are visible for all people.


July 2020 update to Brearley Main Tree

1st August 2020

Following on from last months update to the site the work on the main Brearley family tree has continued over the last month. In this case it's mainly been following the Uttley branch. Surprisingly when I started looking at it in a very short space of mid I found myself back in the mid 1700's. This was a lot further back than I expected or meant to go, but having found the information I've been adding it to the site. The hard work has been fleshing out the detail about the people I found.


June 2020 update to Brearley Main Tree

1st July 2020

June was a good month for genealogy research with over 100 people added to the Brearley Main Tree. A large amount of these are in the Thickett branch of the family which was the focus of the research, however there are many other people in the tree which have had additional information added.

One of the key areas of change that has been seen in re-starting the genealogy research is how much more information is now available online. Things like the 1911 census had not really been added, but now the 1939 census and many more local records are available. This has made finding out about people much easier, and so the family tree has expanded


First update in a long time

15th June 2020

The eagle eyed amoung you may have noticed a very small uplift in the statistics on the Brearley main family at the begining of the month. That is because of the lock down time has been available for the first time in many years to start looking through the family history again. This has been aided by the ability to get onto Ancestry Libraries edition from home and then getting into it again. Hopefully in the next month or so there will be a much larger update coming.


Issues with data resolved and an update

6th April 2017

This update needs to start with a big thank you to Chris Biltcliffe who alerted us to an issue with the website where it appears that data about various people had disappeared. The information and feedback we get through the site is always useful and welcome, but in this case alerted us to a serious issue we'd not spotted.

While resolving the issue it seemed a good opportunity to update the Biltcliffe family trees, which includes corrections for a few general errors along with the addition of around 60 people the unrelated tree. The work to check the data has continued with more checking the Parish Register images to correct transcription errors such as surnames and to add more death and burial information.


Greater level of detail on Biltcliffe family

21st February 2016

Today we've updated the Biltcliffe (both main and unrelated trees). While the are not large numbers of new people, there is a greater level of detail for those we have. This is particularly around the dates of marriages and deaths where specific dates and locations replace approximations

Also a big thank you to those that have looked and the site and taken time to send us corrections and additional information If you do spot something or have additional information then plaease get in touch


Oops! Did You Spot Our Mistake?

13th February 2014

In Novemeber last year by accident part of the Brearley family was uploaded in place of the main Biltcliffe family. The update today has correct this, so the main Biltcliffe family now has the correct information in it. A very big thank you to Thomas Biltcliff who pointed this out to us.

While resolving the issue it's also been a good opportunity to update the information on the Biltcliffe family. So both the main tree and the unrelated people have been updated. Most of the changes are minor updates, so please have a look around.fs


New Brearley Families Added

28th August 2013

Following the update early this year to support additional family trees, today two more were added to the site to support the Brearley research. Our aim is to find the link between the Brearley family tree and the Biltcliffe's, and we are very close. In order to manage the research the Brearley section on the main Biltcliffe family tree has been split out into it's own section. So this has now been added to the site, however at some point in the future it will probably get merged back into the main trees.

The second family added today gives the details of some of the un-related Brearley's that have come up in the research. The majority of the individuals in the family section are of interest to the main research, so over time it is likely that they will get moved into the main family also.

If you do have any information relating to the Brearley's in the late 1700's then we would be interested in you getting in touch.


Major site changes released

2nd February 2013

The update released today is the culmination of over a years worth of work to update the site and has resulted in almost every part of it being re-written.

The big change is that the site now includes more than just the Biltcliffe family, with Brearley, Daniel, and Iredale added to the site as individual families. Other things that have been update at this point:
- The Biltcliffe family has been clearly split into the main family and then unrelated people
- There is now a statistics page that shows how the information has developed over time. Some of this goes back to the original launch of the site
- A new Chronology view has been added into the site so you can see how the different events relate to each other or what happened on a single year
- Changes have been made to the privacy filter, so anyone born in the last 100 year will have much of their details removed from the site.

We need to say a big thank you to everyone that get's in touch with more information or corrections. Hopefully as many of these will have made it into the site in this update as well. Please continue to get in touch through the contact page if you have any more information you think we might find useful.


Site Update

9th October 2010

Thank you for the information that keeps coming and for the interest shown. We restrict the site to people with a variant of our surname and to their spouses (with rare exceptions). Otherwise it would grow too large and defeat the purpose. This time, besides adding year of death and details of spouses for many existing entries, we have also added some new people from the Surrey area. While they probably originated in Yorkshire, there a very few references to Bilcliffe's in the London area before 1600. Similarly there are Bentcliff's in Kent who may be completely unrelated.

People: 2,221  Marriages: 752   Children: 1,481  Census Records: 3,817


Continuing to Update and Grow

23rd May 2010

Thank you again to those who have sent us information or found the site useful. This has been included along with our own research to produce another of the semi-regular site updates. As the stats show, it continues to grow slowly in all directions. Please do get in touch if you have any more information or questions.

People: 2,142  Marriages: 711   Children: 1,446  Census Records: 3,621


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Alternatively just feel free to have a wander through the site and see what you find.



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